Mocha Telnet User Guide

Mocha telnet for Windows Mobile powered phones/PDA (with a touch screen) provides Telnet/SSH-2 VT220 emulation for UNIX/Linux host access.

Normal screen mode
Landscape mode


Connect window

  • Host IP Address: Name of the UNIX host. Either a TCP/IP address as or a DNS name.
  • Port number:Port number for the session. As default Telnet uses port 23 and with SSH port 22
  • SSL: Enable SSH-2 encryption
Telnet can use 5 different configurations. The title in the dialog shows the session in use. Use menu - load session to change the active session.

Menu - Load session

   telnet can use 5 different configurations.
Each session can have private data:

  • Host IP Address and port
  • SSH-2 mode
  • Auto login user name and password
On program start the last session will be used.

Menu - Auto login

   Use these fields to define an user id and a password for the Sign On screen on the UNIX host.
Notice there is not much security involved doing it! It could be an idea to contact the system administrator to verify it is your company politic to have open access to the system without any password security.

Menu - Screen follows cursor

The emulator will keep focus on the cursor. This is a good idea with most UNIX programs

Menu - Colors

   Text, background and Cursor colors can be changed with this dialog. Click one of the color elements to get a color picker dialog.

Menu - Network

   The Windows Mobile OS can be configured with different networks. It is recommend to use the automatically detect settings option, but it is possible with this menu to force telnet to use another network interface.

Network exclusive: Specifies whether the connection is exclusive or not. If this parameter is enabled, this connection cannot be shared with other applications. On session close, the network will close after a delay. The delay depend on the configuration for the network. If this parameter is not enabled, some GRPS networks may not close down, but stay active, event if telnet has been terminated.

Notice the network parameters are only valid for dial up/GRPS networks. Using Wifi, the Wifi must be enabled before loading telnet.

Menu - License

   After ordering Mocha telnet from MochaSoft, a license key will be received. Enter the key together with the License Name given on the order. As there is link between the name and license key it is important to enter both very careful.

Menu - About

   Gives details about version and license status

Menu - Settings

  • Beep on error: Use this to give a silent mode.
  • Return send CR+LF: Return (also called Enter key) can either send CR or CR+LF
  • Local Echo: Enable to echo typed characters. Notice the UNIX host may send an escape sequence on session start to change the echo state.
  • Full Screen Display: Removes the title bar from the Telnet Window.
  • Landscape to the right: Selects if landscape mode, should be oriented to the left or right side

Menu - Settings - Terminal

   It can be recommended to use the default Windows OS encoding. Only in a multi language environment, a font encoding should be selected from the list.

Terminal type: it is the environment variable TERM on the UNIX host. The type is send on session start. The UNIX host should have a terminfo table with the same name.

Menu - Settings - Keyboard

   Mocha Telnet is as default defined for a VT220 keyboard. Notice keys F1 - F5 are local keys on a real VT220 terminal, and the data these keys should transmit are not defined in any standard. Use UNIX program infocmp to view the current configuration in use.

None ASCII characters can be typed in Octal: \xxx.

Tips: The Calculator included with the Windows OS, can translate numbers to octal values.

telnet - Menu - Keys

   Send the key sequences as defined in menu - settings - keyboard.

Ctrl: Next key is transmitted as a ctrl character

telnet - Menu - F1 - F20

   Sends keys F1 - F20 to the UNIX Host

telnet - Menu - Type text line

   Use this dialog to write a text. When Done is selected the text is send to the telnet screen as normal keyboard data. It is not possible to include function keys in the data stream.
It is possible to store 20 different text strings for later use. The text is stored in the registry for the Phone.

Use Menu - Add to history and Menu - remove from history to work with the data

telnet - Menu - Font

   Use this dialog to change the font size.
It can be recommended to use a small font size, and when text must be read press Menu - 0 (zoom) to toggle zoom mode on/off.

telnet - Menu - Disconnect

Close the active connection and return to the connect dialog window.

telnet - Menu - Exit

Close the active session and terminate the telnet program

Scroll and Zoom

   As to have more space in the telnet window, there are no scroll bars. Move the pen over the screen, and the screen will scroll in the same direction.

Use the Zoom icon in the tool bar to zoom in/out.

Configuration and registry

The configuration is stored on the Phone in the registry at element



End-User License Agreement for Mocha telnet for Windows Mobile Copyright (c) 2008 MochaSoft Aps

Please read the following terms and conditions before using this software. If there is any questions, do not hesitate to contact MochaSoft

EVALUATION PERIOD. You may use an evaluation copy of the Software for 30 days in order to determine whether to purchase the Software.

SINGLE USER LICENSE. One user may install the software on one or more computers, but only one computer must run the software at a time.

COMPANY LICENSES. You may make, install, and use additional copies of this Software on any number of computers, as long as the users belong to a single company in a single country. If there are branch offices or home workstations, a single company license will be valid.

PROHIBITIONS. This Software is licensed to you and/or a company. You are not obtaining title to the Software or any copyrights. You may not sublicense, rent, lease, convey, modify, translate, convert to another programming language, decompile, or disassemble the Software for any purpose. Permission must be obtained before mirroring or redistributing the evaluation copies of the Software.


Good data processing procedure dictates that any program be thoroughly tested with non-critical data before relying on it. The user must assume the entire risk of using the program. ANY LIABILITY OF THE SELLER WILL BE LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY TO PRODUCT REPLACEMENT OR REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE.

GOVERNING LAW. This agreement shall be governed by the laws in Denmark.

MochaSoft Aps, Denmark


You can contact Mochasoft technical support via e-mail at

Please remember to add full product name and version number, as we sell many different products.

MochaSoft will try to respond to any question within 24 hours, but mail send outside our normal business hours may take a little longer. We are open Monday - Friday 10 - 16, time zone GMT+1

It can be recommended always to use the latest version, which can be downloaded from


The MochaSoft FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) can be found on our web site at:

How to buy

For the latest information on how to order, please visit:

MochaSoft can offer 2 types of license:

A company license can be used by a single company. If there are branch offices or home workstations, a single company license will be valid. For a multi-national company, we must ask for a company license for each country.

With a company license it is possible to install the product on an unlimited number of work-stations.

A single user license allow one user to use the product.

Unlimited free product updates. A license key is valid for any future release of the product.

As soon as your credit card has been processed and approved (takes less than a minute) , the license name/ registration number can be printed from the screen, and you will also receive an e-mail with your registration number which will remove the 30 day demo limit.