Mocha TN3270 for Windows 10/11

Mocha TN3270 provides TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe Access.

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, 32/64 bit. Version 2.2 or older versions can be used with XP if the .NET Framework 4.0 is installed. Version 2.3 and later require .NET 4.7.2
  • Supports all standard 3270 emulation features
  • Screen sizes: 24x80, 32x80, 43x80 and 27x132
  • SSL/TLS 1.0-1.2-1.3 (Uses Secure Socket Layer included with the Windows OS. TLS 1.3 requires Windows 11).
  • LU name (TN3270E protocol).
  • User-defined function keys
  • Mouse wheel support (next/previous field)
  • Hotspots (Fx and URL text in the 3270 screen can be used as buttons)
  • Hardcopy of screen
  • Cross-hair cursor
  • With key Scroll Lock toggle display of input field background
  • Hardcopy of screen
  • Mail support
  • Macro support
  • It's possible to configure the toolbar
  • Many trim parameters
  • Online Help
  • Installation and uninstallation programs
  • Lifetime free upgrades to new versions of the product
  • Low cost : a single-user license costs 29.85 USD or 299 USD for a Company License
User Guide

Try it free for 30 days and download a full copy using a PC Web browser. If using XP, see the download page.

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What is a company license ?

With a company license, it is possible to install the product on an unlimited number of workstations. A company license can be used by a single company. If there are branch offices or home workstations, a single company license will be valid. For a multinational company, we must ask for a company license for each country.
A subsidiary company, or sister company, cannot use a license issued for the main company.

A county/city cannot be defined as a single company. Each department in a county can be defined as a single company, and each must have a separate company license.
A county is a geographical region of a country used for administrative or other purposes.

What is a single-user license ?

With a single-user license it is possible to install the product on one PC.

Lifetime free upgrades

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