Mocha Telnet Help


Mocha Telnet can be started with a set of parameters.

  • /H "host" : make a connection to host on program start.
  • /P "port" : do not use default Telnet port 23 on the host, but number ‘port’
  • /S : Secure mode. Not possible to save the configuration on exit.
  • /R : Selection of host to connect is restricted. Use /H option to define the host name.
  • /N "name" : Name will be displayed at first position of the title. As default the Host session name is displayed.
  • /SSH2 : Use SSH and not Telnet as protocol.
  • /C "Session name" : Use a configuration defined with this name. See menu - file - new session for a list of names in use.
  • /M : run without a menu bar
  • /T : run without a tool bar
  • /Z configfile : copy configuration file to the users private configuration folder, and exit
  • /X configfile : as /Z , but also start a telnet window
  • /Y configfile : as /X but also write changes made to the configuration back to the configfile.

Installation with a standard configuration

The installation file telnet.msi can also be started with a configuration file as a parameter. Install telnet on a PC, and use menu - tools - configuration - export, to export a configuration file.

On another PC, reuse the configuration running

telnet.msi CONFIG=c:\user.config /quiet

if the configuration file was saved in c:\

The parameter /quiet is optional and will run the installation without user interaction.