Products Life Cycle

Freeware Retiring Alive Future
Has been released as freeware. Only limited support for customers without a paid license key. Freeware license keys can be found in our freeware section Only a serious bug, will force us to make a new release. All bugs are fixed. All bugs are fixed, and it is possible, new versions with more functionality will be released

Platform Freeware Retiring Alive Future
Windows 10/11       x
W32 (32 bit Windows)   x    
Chromebook       x
Chrome Apps   x    
ActiveX   x    
macOS       x
BlackBerry 10   x    
BlackBerry OS 4-7   x    
Android OS 2,3   x    
Android OS 4.x - 14.x       x
iPhone       x
Palm OS x      
P800 x      
Nokia 3650/6600 x      
Nokia E61 x      
Linux   x    
Mac OS 8/9 x      
Nokia 9210 x      
Nokia 9300/9500 x      
Java Applets   x  
DOS x      
Windows Mobile (.NET)     x  
Pocket PC (old CE device)   x    
W16 (Windows 3.1) x      
Psion Revo/5MX x      
mocha ppp x      

In all states, except freeware, we will continue to offer our normal email support.