Mocha LPD for XP

Mocha W32 LPD is a 32-Bit Print Server application for Windows-95/98/2000 or XP Workstations. It works as a LPD server, giving your AS/400 or UNIX system access to local Printers on the Windows platform.

  • Using the standard LPD protocol (RFC 1179)
  • Can handle SCS/EBCDIC print jobs from an AS/400 Mainframe Computer system (5256 type)
  • LPD can accept print jobs to any printer installed in the Windows system.
  • Can run in raw or page formatting mode (if the printer driver supports it)
  • Easy control of print queues, which can be operated independently
  • Support for landscape mode
  • View option for paused print jobs
  • Possible to use special translation tables
  • Can run as an icon in the tray
  • Possible to select if a banner page should be used
  • Can accept jobs with an unknown queue name. LPD will,
      if it cannot find a job queue in the configuration, use the default queue: anyqueue
  • Can support system orders (as LPQ) from UNIX Hosts
  • Online Help
  • Installation/Uninstallation programs
  • Lifetime free upgrades to new versions of the product
  • Low cost : Single User license 29.85 USD or 299 USD for a Company License.


  • Cannot accept IPDS jobs from an AS/400 system
  • Will ignore SCS font handling commands as : Set Line Density
  • Will ignore requests from UNIX systems for TROFF,PLOT,PR, POSTSCRIPT and RASTER handling.
  • No security check. Anyone on the local area net can send a print job to LPD.
  • The main purpose for Mocha W32 LPD, is to run on each local PC workstation, and handle the local attached printers. It is not designed to be used as a general print server for many users.

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AS/400 and LPD

Before using LPD, you must create a local print device on the AS/400:
To create a printer device named PRT10, use the CRTDEVPRT command:
Where PRT10 is your new printer device
Hereafter configure PRT10 to a Remote Print Queue, which will tell the AS/400 where to send the SCS print jobs. In this example we have named our PC running Mocha W32 LPD "W98" in the DNS configuration for your network, or we could have used a static Host name configuration and have created a PC named "W98" on the AS/400 (Use "go tcpadm" on the AS/400 to work with your TCP/IP configuration)
First check in the AS/400 can see the PC running LPD. On the AS/400 command line type:
PING 'W98'
The AS/400 should make a successful verification.
Now make sure PRT10 is not running (maybe it is not necessary but....)


where W98 is the IP address of the PC running Mocha W32 LPD and "laser" is the print queue defined in Mocha W32 LPD Menu - Settings - Printer queue setup.



Most UNIX systems will have a system administration tool, ( scoadmin, smit, Admintool) which can guide the configuration for using a remote LPD unit. Also the manual page for printcap and lpr can be a good sources of information.
For all UNIX systems make sure your UNIX system knows your PC running LPD. Try a ping "pc name" before making the configuration.