Mocha RS232 for iPhone/iPad

Mocha RS232 provides access to a BLE (Bluetooth) module with RS232 support, and emulates a VT220 terminal

  • Supports all standard VT220 emulation features.
  • 400 lines scroll back buffer
  • Camera Barcode scanner
  • iPad support
  • User defined key values.
  • Price 5.99 USD.

Support for 3 different BLE hardware devices click for photo:
Bluesnap Taskit Tiny
Price (without shipping September 2015) 49 USD(*) 59.50 Euro 30 USD
Power battery or usb cable from rs232 interface (rts/cts) usb cable
Interface female DP9 2 types : female or male DB9 (***) male DP9 (**)
(*) Add battery + 10 USD, cable + 7.99 USD
(**) With DCE/DTE switch
(***) make sure to order the peripheral version, and NOT the central version
App store version App store lite version

Lite or paid version

The lite version has a 120 seconds session limit

User Guide

Free test server for Mac OS X (requires Mac supporting BLE, such as Macbook Air). Download here
This server emulates the 3 supported devices, and will give a console TTY when connected from Mocha RS232.
Server should only be used for testing. It is not a product for a production environment.