Mocha Telnet

Above screens display 2 situation. The left has only a "More" icon displayed, click it and there are 4 new options :
  • Fxx : Special keys as F1-F20.
  • Keyboard : Display the screen keyboard.
  • Font Size : Change the font size.
  • Menu : Menu Options

Menu Options

  • Connect/Disconnect: Start or close a connection to the Server.
  • Configure connection : See below.
  • Settings : See below.
  • License : To remove the Demo dialog screen, which is shown every minute, buy a license key and insert it here.
  • About : shows version number, and if connected to a network, also the IP address for the device.
  • Exit : Will close the program

Click [x] in the title to close the menu, and return to the start screen.

Configure connection

  • IP Address: IP address for the Server.
  • Port: Telnet port to use. Default is 23. protocol SSH is not supported.
  • Auto connect: Make a connection on program start.
  • CR=CRLF : If return key should send CR or CR+LF.
  • Local Echo : If character typed should be echoed locally. The server can overrule this with a VT220 Escape sequence.
  • Termtype : The server can use this as UNIX environment variable TERM.
  • Auto login: If User and Password below should be used.
  • User and Password : User account on the server. Using these fields gives no security!
  • Search1 : text to look for before sending user name.
  • Search2 : text to look for before sending the password.

Click [x] in the title to close and save the configuration.


  • Show Keyboard icon: If the keyboard icon should be displayed, or only shown when the "More" icon is clicked.
  • Font Size : The Telnet program uses only one font size. Can also be changed with a click on the [T] icon.
  • Barcode auto enter : If ENTER function should be activated after a scan. Some scanners will also as default send an Enter key value after a scan.
  • Barcode auto tab : If TAB function should be activated after a scan.
  • Key and value : The data each key should send. None ASCII characters can be written in octal as \xxx. Example: ESC = \033
  • Color text: Color for normal text on the screen.
  • Screen: Background color.
  • Bold: Color for bold text.
  • Cursor: Color for the cursor.
  • Encoding : In most cases use the device default value.
  • Screen follow cursor: If the telnet program should, always show the cursor location.

Click [x] in the title to close and save the configuration.