Software for CE Barcode scanners

At the moment there are 2 types of products. One version using a Motorola API (Symbol.Barcode2.dll) and another, which require scanner data to be received as keyboard events.

Product Version CAB File
Mocha Browser - Motorola version 1.1
Mocha telnet - Motorola version 5.2
Mocha tn5250 - Motorola version 4.1
Mocha Barcode (*) - Motorola version 1.0

Using the Motorola version on other device types will give an error SCNAPI32.DLL is missing

(*) Requires Internet Explorer on the Barcode scanner. CE Core devices may not have this component.

Product Version CAB File
Mocha Browser 1.1
Mocha telnet 5.2
Mocha tn5250 4.1

Older mochasoft products for CE/Windows Mobile can be found here.