In the "Learn BASIC" App, use from section Files the Download from Web option to download BASIC files direct to the App. If at files - Sample code , first click on Back at the top of the screen.

Name Description Screenshot File
calc A very simple touch screen calculator. Shows how to make buttons, and use the MIRROR data array.
ball A ball bounce around the screen. A good starting point for a game ball
gball A ball bounce around the screen using the graphic BOX function. gball
flappy A very simple version of the famous flappy game flappy
24x80 Display the 24x80 console + show mouse clicks 24x80
cursor Tap the screen and a bitmap cursor is shown. cursor

Examples received from users:

Name From File
Drainage culvert design From Cadet Henderson : drainage
Timber design (recommends timber beam sizees) From Cadet Henderson : timber
Pregnancy gender determination From Cadet Henderson : preg
Banister spacing From Cadet Henderson : spacing