True Bluetooth Mouse, Keyboard and Barcode scanner for Android - no server app required

Turn your smartphone into a real Bluetooth touch pad, keyboard and barcode scanner. No server app is used, only requirement : The receiving devices must support plain old Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Touch pad with mouse functions: scroll, right/left click and drag.
  • Support for 16 different national keyboard layouts.
  • Air mouse. Use the device accelerometers to move the mouse.
  • Extra screen for controlling a multi media player.
  • Another screen gives a numeric keypad.
  • Use the camera as a barcode scanner.
  • Has space for 20 macros. Record keystrokes into smart macros
  • Key banners can be customized.
  • Use speech as text input.
  • Can send text from the Android clipboard.
  • Optional enable special Android keys: HOME,BACK,MENU and NEXT.
  • Premium feature cost only 1.99 USD. Removes the 30 second delay after 5 minutes use.

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