Mocha TN5250 Help

Frequently Asked Questions

How to type keys missing from the keyboard ?

You can use menu - edit - special characters. This option is also in the right click menu

Function keys don't work in the Mocha MacX Tn5250 application (Mac OS X) ?

In Mac OS X 10.9.x/10.11.x select use f1,f2... as standard keys in System Preferences - keyboard.

Extra keys ?

Apple + I = Insert mode
Apple + P = Screen print
Apple + C = Copy to clipboard
Apple + V = Paste keyboard data
Apple + A = Select all

Apple key is also called the command key (left to the space bar)

Clipboard ?

It is possible to paste in to ways. Normal and tables. With table mode the cursor moves to the next line at a newline in the paste data. Normal paste will at a newline character move the cursor to the next field.

Right click the mouse to get access to a menu with clipboard actions.

Can I copy a configuration ?

Use menu - file - import/export to copy the configuration from one Mac to another.